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Here at Carpet Cleaning Wellington we know that some of the most common problems associated with household carpets are also the most atrocious ones. These problems can be hard to deal with at home and might just ruin the entire look of your carpet. Here are some these problems explained with the damage that they cause to your carpets:

Dust and Dirt Infestation:

Dust and dirt infestation in carpets is caused rough usage over a period of time and while one might try with all sorts of vacuum cleaners and cleaning tools but it doesn’t seem to work. Not only does this give the carpet a very old and unkempt, it also leads to airborne diseases in family members because the dust carries allergens with it.

Stains and Spills:

As much as a person tries to prevent it, stains and spills on carpets are inevitable. Stains caused by food spills or colorful drinks can last a lifetime and no matter what, they never go away completely. Cleaning at home with customary cleaning liquids can end up damaging the carpet fibers.


Caused by pets, stains and just ill maintenance in general, odors from carpet usually carry allergens with them and are very unsanitary for the household. They also make the entire living space smell earthy and dusty. The only solution here is to hire a professional service.


Our Green Business:

Here at Carpet Cleaning Wellington, we have served clients in the field for many years. With extensive experience in the field and our professional staff, we give our clients the utmost results without bringing about any sort of damage to the carpets.

We are proud to be a completely green business. Being one of the very few Wellington green cleaning services, our cleaning techniques are set to work. The green formulas are not very harsh but work to the core of the problem. They effectively break down the stains and bring about effortless cleaning without any sort of damage.

Stellar Customer Service:

Here at Carpet Cleaning Wellington we are truly devoted to our clients! We go the extra mile ensure utmost customer satisfaction in each and every little part of our service. With our proved methods we bring about amazing results for every client and that is why all of our clients recommend our service to others too.

You can read our customer reviews on our website where customer talk about what they like most about the service being offered here at Carpet Cleaning Wellington.

Call for Bookings:

To hire us, call for bookings! We have a team of customer care representatives and they are always eager to assist the clients in every possible way. So just give us a call and experience the stellar customer service we offer. You will be able to make a booking in less than a few minutes.

You can also apply for a free price quote from our home page for us to get back to within a short time or you can simply use the live chat feature to chat directly to a member of the team, right from your computer screen.

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