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Rug Cleaning Wellington

Rug Cleaning Wellington


Household Rug Maintenance:

Everyone loves to have a fancy rug to rest their feet upon but does everyone really like the hassle that comes with it? Of course not! No one wants to deal with all the maintenance and cleaning problems with rugs that need constant attention. Some of these problems listed as follows are very common but need professional assistance:

Dirt Infestation:

Dirt infestation also occurs in carpets but it is a more serious and a more frequently occurring issue in rugs because rugs tend to have longer fibers as opposed to regular carpets. This makes them prone to dust infestation but hard to clean without professional help.

Harsh Stains:

The longer fibers of rugs just make everything more hard to maintain. The stains are also more harsh and hard to remove due to the longer fibers. No matter how hard one tries with household cleaning liquids, the stain won’t come off completely and the fibers of the expensive rug will be totally damaged.

Odor and Browning:

Odor occurs due to ill maintenance and browning in rugs occurs due to a mixture of problems, with over cleaning with household cleaning liquids being one the contributing factors. What you need here is professional help.

Effective Rug Cleaning In Wellington:

Look no further for Wellington rug cleaning services because Carpet Cleaning Wellington is here to solve all of your strenuous problems. We are experts in rug cleaning and with our tested and true cleaning techniques we have worked for many clients in the Wellington area and they have all been pleased with our service.

Here at Carpet Cleaning Wellington we are your exclusive stop shop for stellar rug cleaning with results that you won’t find anywhere else in the entire Wellington locality.

Our Approved Green Techniques:

What many might not know about us, we are a completely green and nature friendly business. Over the years, we have worked extensively here at Carpet Cleaning Wellington to make our business into a completely eco-friendly business. None of our cleaning techniques bring about any sort of pollution and all of our cleaning techniques are completely non-toxic.

Being non-toxic not only makes our cleaning formulas ideal for household cleaning but it also brings about effective cleaning while keeping damage away from the rug. Being green, these formulas are mild yet work their way in to each and every fiber, thus ensuring perfect cleaning without even a blemish left behind.

Contact Us:

To take full advantage of our prestigious service, contact us now! We are always available to answer inquiries to make bookings. You can call us at our customer care line and speak to a representative to have all of your inquiries answered or to make a booking with Carpet Cleaning Wellington.

You can also contact us from our website. Simply click on the live chat tool to speak right from your computer to a representative of Carpet Cleaning Wellington. You can also apply for a free price quote, just send us your details and we will be with you within a few minutes with your price estimate.


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